Tuesday, August 10, 2010

a Ramadhan message


SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah, Allahu akbar


i would loveeee to share an email i received from a friend a year back :

Ramadhan message from Habib Hussein 

Assalamu alaikum, In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful the Most Beneficient, and may the best of salutations be made on the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him),Every journey one wishes to undertake, requires some preparation beforehand. Not only are there pre-journey preparations but there are also emotions and feelings which one receives prior to the undertaking. These may be in the form of loved ones sending messages of yearning for the final meeting or expressions of excitement at the prospect of meeting someone dear which one has been separated from for a period of time. Those loved ones make preparations for receiving the loved one who has been temporarily absent. Who and what are we talking about? We are talking about Ramadan, returning to us as though it were a long lost friend whom we missed so much.
Those who receive Ramadan may be categorized into two: 
1. Those who are blessed
2. Those who are blameworthy. 

The blessed are those who take joy and comfort in the coming of Ramadan. They are the ones whose tears flow with joy at the coming of Ramadan. They bow down their heads in prostration and spend their time standing in prayer, all the while their tears flowing in the conversation with their Creator. They purify their hearts of negative traits. They remove from their hearts the characteristics of arrogance, envy, deceit, materialism of the world, heedlessness, time-wasting, malice, hatred, disobedience to parents, rebellion etc. Therefore they purify their hearts and souls. They wash their clothing of sin and disobedience, using a lather made of regret, tears and repentance. They raise their hands, outspread to the Creator, who is always close by to both the sinner seeking repentance, and close to the ones who strive to excel in their deeds. Their faces are smiley, laughing with joy. They are embarrassed before their Lord, Allah. They think nothing but positive thoughts about their Creator, Allah. They hope to be received by Him, forgiven, blessed with His mercy, saved from eternal damnation, and the granting of a high status from their generous Lord. Ramadan requires a renewal of intentions, reviewing one’s relationship with his Creator, self reflecting on one’s state and taking account of one’s actions. It requires that we be loyal to the personal vow made between man and His Creator. Allah says “Fulfill your duty to Me and I will fulfill my duty to you” Holy Qur’an, Surah: Al-Baqarah (The Cow). 

The other category of people, the blameworthy, are withheld from receiving the blessings from Allah – may He protect us all. Those are the ones who don’t wish to meet their Lord nor receive the spiritual and physical blessings of maintaining a solid relationship with their Creator. They feel inconvenienced with the arrival of Ramadan. They don’t wish to partake in the spiritual offerings made by Allah in the Generous month of Ramadan. They don’t reflect on their spiritual condition nor how to improve their character and personality. They don’t think of their Creator, nor desire to meet Him nor behave in a way which pleases Him – even though He is the one Who keeps them alive, sustains them, clothes them, shelters them and heals them, allows them to see, to hear, to eat, to walk and talk. 

The Holy month of Ramadan invites us to reflect upon our condition. Ramadan comes to us knocking on our doors. Some of us have opened the door yet some have not! If only we knew how much Allah loves us and desires for us to improve our condition. He gives us Ramadan, once a year as an opportunity to reflect, to return back to being a good human being, and go through the physical training to achieve spiritual excellence. If you have lived to see another Ramadan, it is your Creator, Allah, giving you another chance to enter the rank of those whom He elevates, whom have purified their hearts. Seize the opportunity! Take this Ramadan seriously to go on the journey of self-purification. Expose yourself to the spiritual secrets of Ramadan, coming from the One Who loves you, Allah, Great and Glorious is He. May Allah give us all success.

Was Salamu alaikum, 
Sheikh Hussein As-Saqqaf 
Dubai, UAE

[The Sheikh is a descendant of Rasulullah (saw)]

let us seize the opportunity that Allah has given us, as there might not be another Ramadhan..and let us be those who are blessed!InsyaAllah. Allahu akbar!!

Salam Ramadhan Mubarak to all


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