Monday, September 12, 2011

I Am Your Hope

Salam to all :)

Subhanalllah wa bihamdihi
Subhanallh hal adzim

here,a beutiful song from Sami Yusuf.

I Am Your Hope

You are the hope for our globe
Don’t give up nor despair
There’s nothing you can’t repair
You can change this world to a better world
With your souls, with your souls
Do not harm me, I am your truth
Do not kill me, for I’m your youth
I am your hope, I am your truth
I’m your faith, I’m your youth
Bil-qawli wal amal, Antumul amal
(With words and action, You are the hope)
Salimhum Ya Rabb, Salimhum Ya Rabb
(Grant them peace Oh Lord, grant them peace Oh Lord)
Bil-ilmi wal-qalam, Yudfa’u al-Alam
(Through knowledge and the might of the pen, Pain will be pushed aside)
La tansani ana dhamiruk, La tu’zini ana shababuk
(Don’t forget me for I’m your conscience, Don’t harm me I’m your youth)

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