Saturday, September 17, 2011

Have you forgotten yourself ?

You’re young (Islamically one’s youth ends at 40), passionate and want to do something great!Alhamdulillah, you just joined theda’wah scene, whether it’s at aMasjid, MSA/ISoc or Islamic organisation as volunteers and the work has begun… You’re active, having fun, busy, occasionally stressed, and loving it.
We are all working for the sake of Allah to help our community. Whatever you may volunteer for or partake in, is a great avenue to acquire good deeds and attain the pleasure of Allah, The Exalted. However, sometimes we help and we help, only to realize that whilst helping our community we find a deep hole is being dug inside of us and it’s only getting deeper and wider.
We’re doing all of these things – involved in the Da’wah and learning the Deenoccasionally, but our Salah has lost its khushoo, and we don’t make time to read theQur’an.

Ask yourself:

a) When was the last time we cried making dua or reading Quran?
b) When was the last time we really enjoyed our salah with full concentration?
c) When was the last time we made Du’a for those suffering around the world, or for our own families?
We know we should pick up the Qur’an and just recite it, understand it, memorise it, but we don’t make the time, because we allow ourselves to become so busy in our endeavours. However, even though we’ve been helping for such a long time, how have we helped ourselves to excel on a personal level?
Your Akhirah matters, so you need focus on two elements – the services you provide others and the things you have to do for your own tarbiyyah (spiritual wellbeing, growth). You need a balance between both of them, and not neglect either!

You need to be:

a) The ones who are your best in terms your conduct, the nicest, the ones who have the confidence to defend Islam.
b) You need to make time for yourself as you are role models.
c) You need to have the most Taqwa, fear the most, and reflect the most in hope of bettering yourself.

This verse in the Quran scares me:
“Do you command people to righteousness and forget yourselves whilst you recite the scripture? Have you then no sense?!” (Surah BaqarahAyat 44.)
How can we save others, when we are suffering ourselves?
Take time out today to:

1. Make Du’a for yourself
In reality you your success matters! And in the midst of the greatest storm no one can help, except the One who created you.
2. Increase eman through knowledge
If you’re involved in an educational institute, make a timetable to go over your notes and benefit from the knowledge that you pass on. If you’re involved in theIsoc/MSA/Masjid enrol yourself on an Islamic seminar and focus on bettering yourself.
3. Focus on your salaah
When we raise our hands to say Allahu Akbar, remember that this is an act of worship and that Allah is Greater than whatever happened at the MSA/ISoc meeting or the fundraiser you’re planning. Take whatever steps you need to make sure you can focus in your salaah (read books on salaah, make wudu, get ready before salah time comes in, etc.)
4. Make time to read Qur’an
It’s guidance and mercy from Allah. We need it.
5. Cut back if you need to

I know this may be difficult for some and I know being involved in A through Z is fun but if we can’t even get our salaah right nor have personal time with the Qur’an, then something is not right. If your own ‘ibaadah is suffering, it might be time to doistikharah and cut back; if you’re involved in 5 activities, why not cut back to 3 and see if that is manageable for you.
Say Bismillah to another day and show Allah how much you love Him!
-i tried to cut it short,but it just so honestly true and here we are--a bit longer post,but it worth your time-

 duaa for the new doctors of Batch 19 may Allah ease your journey into the 'actual world' and guide all of us towards his paradise. may we meet again batch 19!

original article is here ^^

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